Mum's genius hack for reducing the amount of toilet paper her family uses

we love 19/02/2021

Fed up with the rate that her family goes through toilet paper, this Australian mum took matters into her own hands.

She came up with a simple hack that stopped her kids from using excessive amounts - and all you need is your hand!

"Kids home from school? Going through toilet paper faster than usual? Try squashing the roll - so it doesn’t spin so quickly and then not as much will be pulled off!." she wrote on Facebook.

The response from other parents dealing with the same issue was huge...

"Mind blowing!! I’m definitely trying this" one person wrote.

"I had to do that. My kids would just pull it until it stops." confessed another

"How can something so simple be so genius! You are amazing." praised a third.

Give it a try for yourself and see how you go!