This 'military sleep method' claims to put you to sleep in just 2 minutes

we love 05/02/2021
Warm nights can make it hard to sleep, so this sleep hack might come as a welcome tip!
LadBible has uncovered a 'military sleep technique' used in the UK. The method claims to have you asleep in just two minutes.
Here's how it works...
  1. Relax the muscles in your face, including tongue, jaw and the muscles around the eyes
  2. Drop your shoulders as far down as they'll go, followed by your upper and lower arm, one side at a time
  3. Breathe out, relaxing your chest followed by your legs, starting from the thighs and working down

You should then spend 10 seconds trying to clear your mind before imagining yourself in one of these situations...

  • You're lying in a canoe on a calm lake with nothing but a clear blue sky above you
  • You're lying in a black velvet hammock in a pitch-black room
  • You say "don't think, don't think, don't think" to yourself over and over for about 10 seconds.

Next time your're getting restless late at night - give this tip a whirl!