Coffee lovers are trying out the new 'Coffee Tonic' trend

omg 24/03/2021

If you're a fan of iced lattes, frappuccinos or anything of the likes, then the latest food trend that is taking over the coffee world may be one you want to try!

The trend is coffee tonic, and while for most it may seem kind of odd, those who have tried it, love it!

Coffee tonic is also known as an espresso tonic, and is made with a double shot of espresso poured into a glass of tonic water over ice.

Apparently the caffeine and bubbles together make for a heavenly mix.

A quick Pinterest search into the phenomenon also revealed that many have put their own spin on the drink, with some adding a sugar syrup to sweeten it, or even adding flavours such as chocolate, raspberry, grapefruit, lavender or chilli!

Think you would be game enough to try it out?