Dad's 'favourite child system' to motivate his kids splits parents

omg 30/03/2021

An Australian dad has set the internet alight with this discussion. During a recent appearance on SBS, the dad revealed he has a 'favourite child system' and uses it to motivate his kids.

“I am teaching my daughters that in life we don’t always get things our way,” he said.

“Instead of getting angry and depressed about not being the favourite, they need to build more resilience, work smarter not harder, take calculated risks and be the best version of themselves.”

The system works much like a traditional employee of the month, but he chooses one of his daughters who has displayed positive attributes.

"Cooking skills, communication, entrepreneurship and basic finance to help prepare them as they move out into this big world"

“So if one of my girls excel in any of those areas, then I let them know that they are my favourite for next month or two,” he adds.

It comes with perks too! They can choose meals, get extra technology time, more time with friends and even do less homework!

Do you think this 'favourite child' system is a good idea? Or potentially damaging?