Mum shares her trick to help kids get rid of their artwork

trending 26/03/2021

A mum has offered her trick to getting rid of her kids' artwork without offending them - though some parents have said the trick is a little cruel.

TikTok parent Shan Chef showed how she throws away overwhelming number of art her kids have brought home by school by bringing up the 'dumpster gnome'.

In the video, Shan explains that the 'dumpster gnome' is one of the favourite things she's taught her child. Demonstrating with a decorated piece of paper he's brought home, she asks her son "Buddy, can I give this to the dumpster gnome?"

After he replies “yes”, Shan asks her son: "Okay, what does the dumpster gnome do with this?"

"[Mummy] throws it in the garbage and then decorates their house with it,” he replies.

People have praised the mum for finding a way to throw away her kids’ artwork in a way that makes them think they are doing a good deed, with some sharing they have similar concepts with 'the art fairy' who comes in the night to decorate her house with kids' artwork.

However, one wrote: "As an art teacher, this makes me incredibly sad.”

In fact, Shan now thinks her son's teacher has declared war on her 'dumpster gnome' and sent her back an image that's "way too big" for the dumpster gnome to have.

Is this mum's 'dumpster gnome' move a clever ploy or one that is likely to backfire on her?