Parents are loving this mum's easy 'jellyfish spaghetti' recipe

we love 09/03/2021

Getting the kids to eat their dinner can be a challenge - but this mum's simply idea 

She calls it 'Jellyfish Spaghetti' and its super easy to make. Basically she pokes sausage meet with spaghetti and then boils it up. She adds tomatos and parmesan and dishes it up.

"I’ve been doing this with kids since my eldest was three … he’s now 18 and my youngest is five." she wrote on Facebook.

"What a fun idea! I am going to have to try it!" added another.

"I’ve never seen this before! Definitely going to make this week with my kids," another wrote.

If your kids are a bit fussy - this wee hack could be a fun idea!