People are putting sugar on cucumber because it tastes like watermelon

omg 23/03/2021

Have you ever been disappointed eating a cucumber and thought to yourself 'if only this was a watermelon?'

Not us. But someone in the world has, and they've started a viral trend of people sprinkling sugar on cucumber slices, amazed by it's similar taste to watermelon.

The initial video shows the TikTok account weightloss_olesya spreading raw sugar on a slice of cucumber, then eating it happily with the caption 'did you know that if you put some sugar on a cucumber, it will taste like watermelon?'

Science-wise, it's not too surprising that cucumbers are just a sugarless version of watermelon.Cucumbers and watermelon belong to the same gourd family, and are both over 90% water content, with cucumbers also having a mild melon-like smell and taste.

But it hasn't stopped adults, kids and everyone in between trying the bizarre combination!

Watch some of the best reactions below: