Wife catches husband's hilarious DIY mistake while trying to fix hole in deck

funny stuff 07/04/2021

It's a mistake you would expect to see in a cartoon - but one poor husband has gone viral on the internet for his slapstick DIY mistake.

Filmed on the home security system, @Abbyalexan posted a video to TikTok: 'When your husband tries to fix things he shouldn't' along with a hashtag reading 'keep your day job'.

In the video, her husband walks up the stairs to repair a large hole in the deck. Dropping his replacement plank into the gap, it fits perfectly - but he immediately forgets he should nail in the wood before he attempts to stand on it.

The result - a plank of wood meets his face. Ouch!

Thankfully, he seemed unharmed by the accident and was able to laugh at his own misfortune as his wife posted it online, and it left people in stitches.

"When one of the three stooges goes solo lol" joked the comments online.