Woman finds out the hard way why you never use expired fake tan

omg 31/03/2021

Anyone who's ever applied fake tan is bound to have their own fake tan fail. But how many of your fake tan fails turned your skin into Shrek?

That's what happened to one woman by the name of Saskia on TikTok who had applied fake tan all over her skin, only to find her skin didn't turn a sunkissed bronze - it was a murky swamp green.

In the hilarious clip, she said: "I think my fake tan has expired because, why am I green? I look like f*****g Shrek."

Warning: video contains coarse language

She then holds the product up to the camera, realising too late "That says 2020, like the start of January..."

As she shows off her green hands and face, she sadly adds: “Like why me man, why me.”

Another user advised her that the tan turning green suggests "tan has oxidised, usually it's been left open or something."

Hopefully it washes off, but that's why it pays to check the expiration date of everything you use!