Woman tricks her fiance into thinking it's Christmas instead of Easter

funny stuff 06/04/2021

Imagine taking a nap and waking up eight months later to find out it's Christmas Day.

That's what one man got caught believing when he woke up to see Christmas decorations set up in his home.

It was all a sneaky prank, planned by his fiance on Easter Sunday, who had definitely put a lot of thought into it beforehand! 

From hanging Christmas ornaments, putting presents under the tree, getting their flatmate into the prank, and even changing the date on his phone to say December 25th - her poor fiance was understandably confused.

"He asked me to take him to the hospital," she posted on TikTok.

Since being posted, the video has been liked more than 4 million times, with many commenting how perfectly confused his face looked.

"You should have made him think it all day and let him go to bed thinking it's December then put everything back to normal."