Couple discover giant Monopoly board in their house while doing renovations

omg 15/04/2021

What an amazing surprise this would be! A Reddit user has shared how their in-laws found a huge Monopoly board on the floor of their house.

"While tearing up their carpet, my in-laws found a giant monopoly board!" the post said alongside a photo of the discovery...

The reaction online has been huge, with some even saying the whole 'giant boardgame on the floor' thing was a bit of a trend!

"Showed this to my wife, and she reminded me that there’s a whole neighborhood near us, built in the mid-50s, that has game boards painted or tiled onto their basement floors. Seems to have been a selling point or something." one person wrote.

"Imagine getting the house that has Giant Mousetrap." joked another person.

So if you're planning on doing some renovations - keep your eyes peeled for any hidden surprises!