Mum's genius 'Bag of No' birthday tradition proves a hit with parents

we love 22/04/2021

If you often find your kids (no matter their age) asking for food at the checkout, this mum's hack could be a brilliant thing to start!

Getting tired of being the person who always says 'no' to her kids, the mum turned it into a brilliant birthday tradition called 'The Bag of No'.

"What I decided to do was once a year for her birthday I'd go and I'd get all those items that she had asked for, that I would normally say 'no' to and I'd put them in a bag for her birthday." the mum said in a TikTok.

"We call it the bag of no and it just turned into fun, she knew that I'd say no in the moment, but she knew she'd eventually get it for her birthday and you know it kind of took that sting away from when you say no in the store when they're little."

Check out the hack in action in the video below...