Tiktok's new Twisted bacon hack is going viral in the US

trending 22/04/2021

Ditch the frying pan and try out Tiktok’s latest food trend twisted bacon which is one of the easiest hacks we’ve seen so far! This bacon hack promises the crispiest and tastiest bacon you’ve ever tried. 

All you need to do for this hack is simply twist the bacon, pop it on a tin roasting pan lined with baking paper and fan bake it for 40 minutes. Make sure to flip it over halfway through its cooking process. Then you have delicious twisted bacon without the mess of the frying pan!

This Tiktok user @groakboysbbq decided to jazz the recipe up by adding some BBQ sauce,

If you’re wanting to make a twist on the twisted bacon, why not coat it with brown sugar and maple syrup? It’s a fancier version of candied bacon that the kids will love.

Let us know if you love the hack and tag us in your delicious creations!