Birthday kid's genius idea for a cake no one else will eat

omg 01/06/2021

Every kid loves to have a special cake for their birthday. Whether that cake is chocolate flavoured, shaped like Peppa the Pig, or decorated with sprinkles, a kid's gotta have their cake!

For Casey Feigh’s niece, she had the perfect cake design in mind, a design that was slightly unusual but would benefit her the most.

Posting pictures to his Twitter account, he wrote, "My niece turned 3 today! She asked for a Lion King cake but specifically the moment where Mufasa dies, because ‘everyone will be too sad to eat the cake and it will be all for me.'”

Yes, this three-year-old picked the most traumatic scene of Lion King as a birthday cake design.

We can't help but think this is genius, and a little terrifying... And so do others with over 100,000 retweets and almost 750,000 likes on Twitter, and some interesting feedback.

"Let us know how next year's 'Bambi's mom shot by the hunter' cake goes" said one user.

"I admire this little girl’s chaotic energy," shared another, while another one perfectly summed up what her birthday wish must be:

"I look forward to seeing how she takes over the world."