Dad shares his 'godsend' parenting tip to stop kids asking 'why' all the time

parenting 03/05/2021

If you've got kids, then no doubt you've had to answer the 'Why?' question at least a million times.

But this dad has come up with a clever way to stop the little ones from asking the same thing over and over again. He took to Reddit to share his tip with other parents.

"My youngest (4) got into the 'why' phase a little while back." he wrote.

"Read an article that said the best way to get them to stop was to ask them 'I'm not sure, what do you think?'" 

He went on to say "It is a godsend."

"They answer their own question, you provide some feedback 'Sounds good to me' and they immediately move on."

Others shared their own thoughts on the 'why' question in the comments...

"My friend responded to her toddler's seventh question in an extreme 'but why' chain with 'well, why not?' in a really happy voice. Her son looked completely mind blown and stopped asking." one wrote.

"I've started making my four-year-old ask the whole question, so now he has to ask 'why is the sky blue?' rather than just 'why'."

So next time you get hit with this question, keep these responses up your sleeve!