Doctor suggests that couples should consider a sleep divorce

trending 05/05/2021

A Tiktok video has gone viral after Dr Karan Raj has suggested that if you have trouble falling asleep because of your partner, you should have a sleep divorce.

Dr Karan Raj says that sleeping next to a snoring partner or someone who moves around, could be the reason you’re waking up exhausted the next morning! This is because they are disturbing your deep sleep, which allows you to feel well rested in the morning.

Everyone has their own sleep cycle and forcing two people to share the same sleep cycle could disturb either one or both partners sleep. People in the comments were happy to see sleeping alone normalised,

“My husband sleeps in his own room lol he snores and likes the room warm. I love the room cold and quiet. Married 25 years.”

“I swear by separate duvets, never slept better.”

“I 100% agree with this, my grandparents slept in separate rooms and they are the most happily married couples I've ever known"

Maybe the secret to a long-lasting relationship is good sleep and different beds!