Kiwi toddler's expletive reaction to surprise goat goes viral

NZ 26/05/2021

Warning - Don't let little ears hear this video - cause we know phrase catches on quick!

One Christchurch toddler has gone viral after she mimicked the surprise reaction her mum gave when a stray goat appeared in their front yard.

“It’s a f***ing goat,” mum-of-two Sophie Smith yelled as she reached for her phone to film the unlikely visitor last Friday.

Sophie's 2-year-old daughter Ivy looked out the window herself and cheerfully repeats what her mum said: "It’s a f***ing goat outside!"

“It’s just a goat,” Sophie replies, before the cheeky kid points out the window again, correcting her, “No, it’s a f***ing goat!”

The funny clip was shared to Sophie's friends on Snapchat, before friends urged her to repost the video on TikTok. Since then, it's received 6 million views and worldwide attention across Facebook and Twitter.

Talking to Stuff, Sophie says she's received positive comments to her video, and a number of hate comments "saying really negative things."

"[Ivy’s] two, she obviously doesn’t know what it means … she is not using this language on a daily basis."

"If anybody says that they’ve never sworn before … have a goat come into your property and then tell me otherwise."