Mum in hysterics over son's attempt at forging her signature in his homework diary

funny stuff 01/06/2021

We've all lied to our teachers at some point during primary school, however, how cute is this lie!

A mum took to Facebook to share a picture of her son's homework diary after he decided to sign it on her behalf in an attempt to stay out of trouble from his teachers - and fellow parents praised his "10/10 efforts".

Sharing a photo of her son's efforts on the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas group on Facebook, the mum wrote: "When your son says Mum I had to forge your signature because you didn't sign my homework diary!"

However, he made one critical mistake in his lie.

Can you spot it below?

The post quickly racked up almost 9,000 reactions from parents in hysterics, as many gave it "10/10 for effort."