Mum reveals how she woke up to find her baby "delivered herself" while she slept

omg 28/05/2021

Giving birth to a child is so easy, you could do it in your sleep? You would never imagine that statement to be true!

But one mum on TikTok has described the moment she woke up to find her baby in bed, not realising she had given birth in her sleep.

Canadian mum Amy Dunbar shared her "ridiculous birth story" where, after 12 hours in labour, she received an epidural which provided her with enough pain relief to fall asleep.

The nurse who was monitoring her noticed Amy didn't even flinch when she had a big contraction and saw it as a sign that the epidural was finally working.

"Not even a minute after that, the nurse was waking me up saying she'd lost the baby's heartbeat on the monitor, but she said 'Don't worry, flip over and I'll find it, baby just probably moved'," she said.
"Doing what I was told, I moved the blanket and was turning over and I was like 'there's something going on'."

Turns out that 'something' was in fact 'someone'.

"My baby was in the bed. She had delivered herself while I was asleep. That big contraction the nurse saw was her being born."

In a follow-up post, she explains that her baby, who wasn't crying, was checked by doctors and found to be perfectly well and healthy.

But that was probably her last good nap for a good while!