8-Year-Old Boy Sells His Pokémon Card Collection to Pay For His Sick Dog's $700 Treatment

we love 11/06/2021

How cute is this... An 8-year-old boy is willing to do whatever it takes to save his dog's life, even if that means selling his most prized possession: his Pokémon card collection.

The boy recently noticed that their 4-month-old dog, Bruce, wasn't feeling well and rushed him to the vet, "He is a very playful puppy, and he wasn't really moving or coming out of his crate" said the young boy.

After a trip to their local vet, Bruce was diagnosed with parvo - a contagious virus, which can be lethal if left untreated. The procedure needed to treat the pup cost around $700 (1000NZD), which the family couldn't afford.

Worried about losing his friend and playmate, the boy decided to take matters into his own hands and sell his Pokémon cards, which he's collected over the past four years. He set up a table outside along with a large sign that read: Pokemon 4 Sale.

According to the Washington Post, Bryson sold the cards for $5 - $10. However, once people got wind of his fundraiser through Facebook, they began to donate without expectation of Pokemon cards in return.

Although he initially set out to raise $800, Bryson has earned more than $15,000 through his fundraiser. Earlier this month he shared an update for those following their family's story, revealing that Bruce received his procedure and is on the mend.