Debate sparks on how much pocket money kids should get

trending 03/06/2021

When it comes to giving your children pocket money, how much is too much and how should they earn the cash?

Pocket money is one of those topics that divides parents - some people can afford to give it to their children, others might not have the luxury. Meanwhile, some might want their children to work for the money, where others would be happy just handing it over at the end of each week.

In a recent post on the Facebook group, 'Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas', one mum explained that she has two children, aged 10 and 12 but they have never received any pocket money. She took to the group questioning 'Should my kids receive pocket money for completing jobs?'.

A number of people replied and there were LOTS of opinions on the subject.

"It's wrong to pay children to do jobs, so instead I reward my children when they do well at school".

"My rule is I will not pay for chores. No one pays me to pick up after everyone and we all live in the same house. So we all take care of our environments".

"We play 'chore bingo'. Everyone gets a grid. I put them in plastic binder sleeves so I can wipe and reuse them."

"The 14-year-old does the dishwasher every day after breakfast and dinner. Also picks his brother up from school and cleans out the cat litter tray. £40 ($80NZD) a month plus phone bill paid".

So it seems how much pocket money you give your child - and whether or not they have to earn it - is really up to you as a parent.