Life saving hack to keep kids entertained on long car rides

we love 04/06/2021

Queen's Birthday is officially here - and what better timing to find out this car trip hack!

A mum has taken to TikTok to share a simple hack she swears by to keep her little one entertained whilst in the car - with 14.5 millions views fellow parents love the idea!

But the long car journeys this weekend might not be the most pleasant when your kids are confined to the car and have nothing to do. Thankfully, Whitney Leavitt, mum of one, shared a simple hack that will keep your kids amused for ages - and all you need is a sandwich bag.

In the clip, Whitney can be seen opening up a sandwich bag before putting her iPhone inside and closing it up. Then, it appears that Whitney has removed the headrest from the passenger seat, and, using the metal pins, pierced two holes into the bag near the top, to attach the bag to the chair.

This means that the kids in the back can watch their favourite TV shows whilst driving along without having to hold the phone.

One person said: "Omg you've just changed my life."

"12 hour trip coming up! Thanks for the idea," said another.

Long weekend sorted!