Tools Down - Let's Meet This Year's 2021 Block New Zealand Teams

The Block NZ 15/06/2021

Na-na-na-na-na nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, Block-a-holics, the wait is finally over! New Zealand’s favourite DIY show has returned and this season they are heading back to the Auckland suburb of Point Chevalier. Let's get to know this year's teams!

TEAM BLUE - Tim & Arthur

Tim and Arthur are best mates, who met when they played rugby together at age 10 and have been mates ever since. Both born and bred in Auckland, the boys are used to living in each other's spaces as they are also flatmates. Tim describes Arthur as the resident ‘heartthrob’ while Arthur says Tim tackles everything with maximum effort, but often leaves a trail of destruction behind him...

They describe their style as a cross between vintage and contemporary, with earthy tones and plants a favourite. Tim also brings practical skills, having previously spent two years as a builders apprentice which he says has given him a great understanding of the build process and project management.

Team Yellow - Dylan & Keegan

We have two brothers from Greymouth that couldn’t be more different. Corporate banker Dylan left Greymouth at the age of 18 to embrace the bright lights of Auckland. while Keegan stayed close to home, where he works as a qualified builder. The boys hope their opposing strengths will complement each other to deliver the 2021 winning Block house.

Dylan, who has a Bachelor of Architectural Studies, is looking forward to showcasing his eye for design and in contrast. However, brother Keegan brings the hands-on skills and years of building experience. He'll be the one happy to rough it and get his hands dirty.

While Dylan likes to ‘make people feel good,’ Keegan admits to being ‘stubborn as an ox' and can become 'argumentative'. 

Are the boys out to cause trouble in paradise?

Team Purple - Janah & Rach

The 2021 Block NZ mums have arrived on the worksite. Janah and Rach, both from Papamoa are no strangers to building sites, as they’ve been renovating their own homes for years and both their husbands are builders by trade. Both have a love of high-end design, they describe their style as ‘one step ahead of current trends’. However, Rach admits she can change her mind a lot at the last minute, something that drives her Janah nuts!

Janah has a diploma in architectural technology and interior design which they believe will give them an edge over their competitors.

The pair both say they aren't ones to initiate drama but are definitely prepared to stand up for what they believe in and will hold their ground where necessary. 

Team Orange - Meg & Dan

Power couple Meg & Dan from just outside of Christchurch own and operate a successful construction company. The fun-loving pair met through a mutual friend, fell in love ‘madly and quickly’ and now have four teenage kids between them.

The two are confident that between them, they have the skills, determination and drive, to win this season’s The Block NZ, not to mention their extensive experience in the building industry to carry them through. Design-wise, they claim that each space dictates its own aesthetic, however Meg admits they lean towards uncomplicated and uncluttered interiors, and are confident in their choices.

The friendly couple get on with pretty much everybody they meet, but both warn that if someone stabs them in the back, they won’t get a chance to do it twice.

The Block New Zealand is on TV3 every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday at 7:30 pm.