Uber driver sends a sweet gesture to cheer customer up

we love 11/06/2021

One woman has brightened up everyone's day by sharing a sweet gesture from the driver who delivered her lunch. 

The young girl posted a video to the social media app explaining that she "blurted" to her delivery driver that she was having a bad day.

The Uber Driver flicked the girl a message saying "Sorry to bother you, it's the delivery driver. I'm not trying to hit on you or be awkward but lunch is on me today. I put money in your mailbox, hopefully this is able to change your bad day and slowly it turns towards a good day. Enjoy and be safe!"

Blown away by the delivery driver's kindness, she replied: "This was the nicest and sweetest thing ever! You really didn't have to do that".

Lots of commenters were touched by the story, one person even wrote: "This gives me faith in humanity."  A second person said: "This is actually adorable."

This is the wholesome content we want and need!