Woman claims you can tell what a baby wants by the type of cry

omg 04/06/2021

A doctor specialising in women's health - has racked up more than 4.7 million views with her video debunking baby cries. 

The lady who is an aspiring obstetrician-gynaecologist, is here to explain what they mean. If your baby makes a "Neh" noise they're hungry, "Owh" says they're sleepy as it is based on a yawn reflex, "Heh" = discomfort, "Eair" signals your baby has lower gas and "Eh" is the noise for a burp.

"I feel like a horrible mom," admitted one woman, "I have such a hard time telling the difference."

Another said: "& they say babies don't come with instructions!"  Whilst a third commented: "It's unreal how accurate this is."

Someone else in the comments added: "I'm a child development teacher and I work with infants and yes this is accurate."

Do you agree with this video?