Woman transforms $35 Kmart ottoman to classy bedside table

we love 20/07/2021

A woman on TikTok has shared her ‘clever’ DIY bedside table hack, repurposing a $35 item from Kmart.

After purchasing a Ribbed Storage Ottoman from Kmart she cut off the cushion to reveal a wooden piece underneath. She then painted the furniture item a cream color, as it originally comes in very bright pink.

Simonette the Tiktok creator posted a step-by-step video showing how she created a “cute fluted side table” all by herself.

The video currently has over half a million views, with many followers praising the unique idea.

“This is the best DIY I’ve seen ,” one person commented.

“Omg and it has storage in it! This is SMART,” another added.

You can purchase the $35.00 'Bedside table' here