The Warehouse reveal the top 10 toys of the decade

NZ 09/07/2021

Ever wondered what toys have lasted the decade? The Warehouse have revealed the top-selling toys since 2001, and it may not come as any surprise that Hot Wheels were the most popular purchase.

The Warehouse's lead toy buyer Lonnica van Engelen says Hot Wheels has always had “great play value and timeless appeal.”

“The Hot Wheels car may be a simple toy, but it’s a fabulous one, "she says. “Despite plenty of disruption in the toy industry over the years, Hot Wheels has become a classic that continues to appeal to generations of kids and collectors alike.”

Other tops that appear on The Warehouse’s top sellers list are LEGO, Bey Blades, Barbie, the Vortex Mega Howler, Monopoly and Bunch o Balloons from Kiwi toy company Zuru.

“These toys all continue to be popular choices year on year. Whether it’s a beach day with the Vortex Mega Howler, an overly competitive game of Monopoly, or coming together to build a LEGO masterpiece, these toys can be enjoyed by the whole family and passed down through generations to enjoy and create memories with. I still have LEGO sets and Barbies from my childhood that my daughter now plays with today.

"What I've noticed particularly in the past year is the resurgence of family games, as people spend more time together at home. Staple board games like Monopoly have continued to be a popular choice but have taken on new iterations over the years.”

The top ten:

1. Hot Wheels basic car

2. BeyBlades

3. Zuru Bunch o Ballons

4. LEGO Minifigures

5. The Trash Pack

6. Hot Wheels Gift Pack

7. Monopoly Here and Now

8. Pillow Pets

9. NERF Vortex Mega Howler

10. Barbie Fashionista