Apple Watch saves woman's life after detecting heart condition

omg 06/07/2021

Diane Feenstra, a Michigan woman, has thanked her Apple Watch for saving her life after her watch detected that her heart rate spiked unexpectedly.

Diane had only walked up 12 steps on her way to walk when her Apple watch told her that her heart rate was sitting at 169 beats per minute. She decided to call her husband who recommended she should call her doctor.

Diane ended up having a heart scan at the doctors which revealed that she had a heart attack without realising it. The only odd feeling Diane felt was a pain going down my left hand and a little swelling in her left foot.

Further analysis revealed she had a full blockage in her left artery, known colloquially as the 'widowmaker' which, despite its name, affects women too.

As well as the Apple Watch, her husband Gary also deserves some credit - not only buying the watch for her birthday. But, ultimately, it was his decision to tell Diane to head to her doctor to get checked.