Facebook shares which emojis Kiwis love using the most

NZ 16/07/2021

In honour of World Emoji Day on July 17th, Facebook has shared their data on the most popular emojis Kiwis use on Messenger chat.

You'd assume that Kiwis love themselves a coffee or chocolate - but turns out for Kiwis, it's actually a slice of cake! The only one of the countries revealed to love a slice of cake the most, followed by the coffee and lollipop emoji.

Data from Facebook also revealed that the most popular vegetable emojis are the eggplant, mushroom and broccoli.

But if you were to look at which emojis each age bracket uses the most, Gen Z and Millennials are the laughing crying emoji, while Gen X loves a love heart!

Facebook also announced that they're unveiling soundmojis - meaning you can say even more with your favourite emoji on the Messenger app. Give yourself a drum roll, or have an actual laugh play when you send a laughing face emoji!

You can check out the new Soundmojis in your Messenger chats. Just tap the smiley face to access the expressions tray and select the loudspeaker icon to start previewing.