Studies show going to bed late can make you gain weight

omg 23/07/2021

We've all heard the phrase "the early bird gets the worm", but it turns out if you're a night owl may increase your chances of becoming obese.

New Research out of the Chinese University of Hong Kong has found going to bed late and having less than five hours of sleep a night could be increasing your risk of obesity. 

Over 130,000 participants took part in the research which showed that  19,660 participants (14.4 percent) had late bedtime behavior.

The findings suggest staying awake at night may suppress the secretion of melatonin which is associated with an increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and cancers.

And if you think you're countering that late night with a quick daytime nap, we've got further bad news.

The study also found longer daytime napping was associated with a higher risk of abdominal obesity, particularly among women - but the researchers suggest this could be because a daytime nap may occur more often due to a late night.

Anyone else going to sleep early tonight?