Auckland woman confused when she spots 'cat-sized pig-nosed monkey' on fence

NZ 11/08/2021

New Zealand is known for it's wild array of flora and fauna. But have you heard of the East Auckland Monkey Cat?

One Auckland woman found herself quite confused when she spotted an unfamiliar animal sitting on her fence, and turned to her local East Auckland Facebook group for answers.

"I just saw a cat-like animal," she wrote. "It comes up with a size of cat, but with a piggy nose and a monkey body. Anyone can point out name of this animal?"

"The infamous Monkey Cat of East Auckland I believe," one person said.

"It's a Drop Cat," another said. "A close cousin of Aussie's Drop Bears."

"It's a fence pig," a third wrote.

So, what was this bizarre animal?

Fence Pig aka Possum / Source: Facebook

"Bro it's a Possum, welcome to NZ," one man wrote.

"You can eat it," one woman noted, before bluntly adding. "But it tastes like s***."

Nothing's impossible for the possum.