Kiwi woman turns nappy into 'genius' wet hair wrap

NZ 12/08/2021

Being a parent is always about being resourceful, but we can admit we'd never think about trying to dry our hair with pull-up nappy.

However, one Kiwi mum by the name of Yvette Reid grabbed it when she couldn't find her usual hair wrap, and discovered the difference it made to drying her hair while she slept.

Posting to the Kmart & The Warehouse Hacks & Decor NZ Facebook group, she showed the effect the nappy had on her hair.

 Last night after showering with my three-year-old I realised it was 30 minutes past his bedtime, so I had no time to dry my hair," she said in the post.

"I cuddle him to sleep and didn't want to get a pillow wet, but I couldn't find my hair wrap. In a moment of madness/brilliance I grabbed a pull up nappy and chucked my wet hair up in it. So comfy that I fell asleep like that."

"Woke up this morning with completely dry wavy bed hair - and talk about volume. So yeah this will be me from now on, washing hair at night and sleeping in a nappy hat!"

Fellow Kmart Kiwi Hackers loved the idea and suggested other environmentally friendly alternatives they could use like period knickers or cotton tees.

In response to the environmental concerns, Yvette told Newshub said tyou don't need to throw the nappy away after using it.

"It's not laden with water, just a little damp," she said. "I just left it on my heated towel rail to dry."