Man splits opinion after sharing how he leaves his hotel room when checking out


Have we been cecking out of hotels wrong all of this time!? A Facebook post that has recently sparked discussion may prove we have been.

Facebook user Dazza shared how he regularly strips all of his bed sheets at the end of his stay.

"I always try and leave a hotel room like this. Is this the right or wrong thing to do?" he wrote.

The response in the comments was pretty huge, with many people chipping in.

"As a housekeeper, this makes me very happy when customers do this, saves us an extra job and makes it easier." one person wrote.

"Having worked in housekeeping in a hotel, you have no idea how much things like this are appreciated. As you have time targets to hit per room and this is a massive help. Top man." added another.

But others thought it was a big over the top, saying it "wasn't his job".

"I have never done this. I never leave the room in a state but it would never occur to me to strip the bed for them…"

Will you start doing this at your next hotel stay?