Mum shocked after daughter cuts up money to stick on dolls

funny stuff 31/08/2021

Children are great but, sometimes they make mistakes which can cost parents a decent amount of money.

One mum has been left in stitches after discovering her daughter had cut up real money to use as a fashion accessory for her dolls. 

Victoria Ingham explained on Facebook that she discovered her daughter, Esme, had gotten artistic with scissors to destroy the equivalent of $50. 

"This is why you don.t leave valuables around kids...they'll either draw on it, eat it, or stick it down the loo," said one. 

"Take it to the bank they will take it back if you have all the pieces," suggested another. 

A fellow mother set up a give a little page to help the solo mother get some of her money back. However, the mum who is a nurse donated all the money to the Childrens covid ward at her hospital.