Cheeky child draws hilarious chalk version of his dad complete with a 'tiny widgy woo'

we love 06/09/2021

There's nothing more flattering than a 4 year old drawing a portrait of you... Then again, maybe there is!

Vicky Fryer shared a photo of her 4 year old Abe after he'd used chalk to create his dad.

"My husband picked our 4 year old son, Abe up from nursery today." she wrote on Facebook.

"He was super proud to show daddy the chalk drawing he had done today 'look daddy it’s you, I’ve even drawn your widgy woo on it'"

The response online was huge, as you'd expect many people had a bit of a laugh...

"Either dad has a beard or REALLY needs to see a dentist!" one person wrote.

"As a preschool worker you would be amazed at what children tell us about their parents! And what they draw in pictures..." added a second.

At least everyone involved managed to see the funny side!