Hugh Jackman reacts to sweet video of grandpa with dementia watching 'Greatest Showman'

goss 08/09/2021

If you need some warm fuzzies well, Hugh Jackman has provided them. Hugh was delighted to see a grandpa relishing every moment of his movie The Greatest Showman.

A viral TikTok has emerged from a Greatest Showman fan who took his grandfather to watch the musical at an open-air cinema. 

"My Grandad is at the second stage of vascular dementia and one way to cheer him up is The Greatest Showman!" he said. "So I decided to take him to a sing-along [on] the weekend so he can sing the songs. We hope you enjoy."

"I am in tears at the sweetness and purity of this post. Thank you for sharing such a sweet moment," Jackman wrote. 

"You happy we're here?" CharlieMoose asked when The Greatest Showman flashed onscreen, and his grandpa nodded excitedly.

"One of the best films I've ever seen," the grandfather said at one stage. "He just couldn't stop smiling," his grandson captioned at the end of the video.