Neighbour criticises mum for breastfeeding her baby on her own front lawn

omg 15/09/2021

A woman has taken to Reddit for advice after her neighbour complained to her about her breastfeeding routine.

"I sunbathe everyday, it's something I have been doing since childhood." she wrote in her post.

"When I was 5 months pregnant *my neighbour* told my husband that my sun bathing was making them uncomfortable. I sunbathe in shorts and tank tops, nothing out of the ordinary, I just ignored them and kept my routine."

Fastforward a few months and the pair have welcomed their new baby... But the neighbours are still unhappy!

"Today, my husband and I were grilling some meat in the backyard. The baby was hungry so I started to breastfeed. When I looked at their house *my neighbours* was on the balcony, she went in and a few minutes later *our neighbour* was at our door again. He went off on me for breastfeeding in public (again my fenced yard) and being inconsiderate."

"When he finished I told him to leave us alone, don't knock on my door again... I will do anything I want in my own home!"

As you'd expect, most people saw nothing wrong with what this new mum was doing. Sounds like this could be an episode of Neighbours at War!