Mum confesses to sending her kids to bed fully clothed to save time in the morning

parenting 27/09/2021

A mum has reached out online asking fellow mothers 'if she's mad to send her kids to bed fully-clothed to save time in the morning' she probably received more of a response than she expected.

The mum explained she has four children – two of whom have additional needs – and that getting them all ready for school each morning can be a 'nightmare.'

The mum was met with hundreds of responses from other mums, many of whom told her it was “gross” to send her kids to school in clothes they had slept in.

One person wrote: “No. They'd be so uncomfortable to start with. They will also smell. Not washing in the morning or changing out of clothes they may have sweated in overnight.

“It just isn’t a solution. You need to get up earlier.”

While another said: "No, normal people don't do this. I'm afraid this is definitely not the solution to your morning problems (which I share!)."

After many mums went against the idea, the mum has decided she will not continue with this routine.