Study claims most people don't feel better after a nap

omg 01/09/2021

If you're guilty of having a wee afternoon nap to get you through the day, a recent study has found it might not be doing you any good!

"We are interested in understanding cognitive deficits associated with sleep deprivation," said study author Dr Kimberly Fenn

"In this study, we wanted to know if a short nap during the deprivation period would mitigate these deficits."

"We found short naps of 30 or 60 minutes did not show any measurable effects."

"The group that stayed overnight and took short naps still suffered from the effects of sleep deprivation and made significantly more errors on the tasks than their counterparts who went home and obtained a full night of sleep."

In summary, they found that naps don't really help you catch-up on sleep - the best way to do that is get as much sleep as you can overnight!