The youngest sibling is the most fun, according to science

omg 14/09/2021

We don't want to take sides on this one but, we agree with the science that if you are the youngest sibling you are the most fun.'

The study was done by Dr. Catherine Salmon it showed that the youngest child tends to have a more happy-go-lucky attitude because their parents aren't as harsh on them.

“In general, high agreeableness, extraversion (the social dimension) and openness are associated with youngest children." Dr. Catherine Salmon said.

However, before this news goes to all the youngest sibling's heads the study did find that if you are the baby of the family you are also the most spoilt.

When it comes to the eldest child, experts believe they can often be stubborn, motivated, intelligent, and goal-orientated.

They can often feel like they don't get enough attention from their parents which, helps them develop a stronger sense of independence.