Domino's splits opinion with their new vegemite & cheese pizza

goss 13/10/2021

Just when we were starting to accept pineapple on pizza, domino's has now created a new debate with their brand new vegemite pizza.

The limited-edition pizza features the salty, umami flavor of Vegemite topped with mozzarella on a dough base.

Since sharing the announcement to the Domino's Australia Facebook page, more than 10,000 pizza fans have already flooded the comments section, with remarks ranging from "Breakfast pizza!" to "I need to try it as I love both Vegemite and cheese".

Domino's ANZ chief marketing officer Adam Ballesty said it's fitting that the Vegemite pizza has now returned to its heartland.

"It's great to see Americans enjoying what we here in Oz know to be true — that Vegemite can go on just about anything," he said.

So, does that mean we can expect a Marmite pizza in New Zealand?