Mum shares 'lasagna' bed hack that saves her so much time

goss 18/10/2021

A parent on social media has gone viral after sharing her clever 'lasagne' bed-making hack that is great for busy parents as it will save them so much time, but the question remains, is it gross?

The Tiktok shows the mum layering sheets on the bed so she can just pull a sheet off the bed and there's already a new one there.

In the clip, Shelby says: "Mamas, I don't care how old your kids are, this tip has saved me so much time.

"When you're making your baby's bed, layer the waterproof mattress pad and your sheets like lasagne.

One person commented: "So I already planned on doing this but you saved me even more time by doing one side ALL at once and not one full layer at a time. Thank you."

Another said: "Will you be running for president? You have my vote!"

A third replied: "So this works, but unfortunately it doesn't if it leaks through. You need to put a mattress protector in between each sheet so it won't leak through."

It sounds a great idea if your child doesn't peep, poop, or drool in their sleep...