TikTok users are going crazy over this DIY spider web rug for Halloween

halloween 29/10/2021

With Halloween just around the corner, Tiktok users are buzzing about this super simple DIY decoration for the spooky season.

TikTok user Juliana Valencia DIY'ed an adorable spider web-shaped rug that went viral on the app, inspiring others to try the project at home. 

Below is a step-by-step guide for re-creating this affordable spider web rug!

  1. Purchase a black rectangular floor mat from Kmart or any similar discount store. 
  2. Draw a spider web silhouette with a white fabric marker directly onto the mat.
  3. Cut about an inch away from the outside border, and use a lighter to carefully burn the edge and give it a smoother finish.
  4. Using white acrylic paint, trace over the marker lines with a paintbrush. You may want to do several coats, depending on how thick and solid you prefer the lines.
  5. If you plan to stick the mat in a high-trafficked area of your home, we suggest placing a non-slip rug pad underneath so, it doesn't slide around too much.


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