A third of mums weren't prepared for the challenges of childbirth

goss 26/11/2021

As mums, we think we know what to expect when it comes to childbirth but statics from a survey is pointing that claim in the opposite direction. 

A study of 2,000 mothers found 78 percent were “shocked” at the impact giving birth had on their own bodies.

More than a third (34 percent) experienced abdominal pain within the six weeks of giving birth, while 39 percent endured backpain.

Others struggled with hormonal shifts (34 percent), constipation (28 percent) and sore breasts (43 percent).

And many continued to endure problems throughout the fourth trimester – the 12 weeks after giving birth – including struggling to walk (24 percent) and incontinence (18 percent).

The study forms part of the brand’s “Real Birth Announcements” campaign, which aims to help prepare mums-to-be by encouraging parents to share their birth and postpartum experiences.

If you are a expcting mum - a great instragram account to check out is Frida. A platform which prepares mums for the 'unsexy' realities of parenting.