Mum receives the best 'rude' drawing from her son calling her a ‘superhero’...

omg 19/11/2021

All parents know the number one rule 'no matter how bad the drawing is, it's the best art in the world.

However, when Claire Lowe's son proudly handed her his adorable picture of a bat, the mum couldn't help but chuckle.

Above his drawing, Claire's son had written a sweet message to his mum.

It read: "Mummy, you my sooper hore".

Needless to say, the hilarious drawing was a hit with other parents online with one replying "Awww bless him! I once told my mum she was a witch when I was younger, only I spelt it 'which'!"

Another added: "My little boy randomly started pointing and banging on someone’s front window shouting 'hore hore hore!!'

Bless his little soul!