Mum reveals the ‘genius’ way she’s made her kids do chores during the school holidays

we love 08/12/2021

A mum has revealed the ‘genius’ way she is getting her kids to help around the house over the school holidays - and parents are praising the idea.

Her kids have to gain points for doing certain tasks, and then points can be traded for prizes.

She wrote on Facebook: “For the summer holidays I’ve started a reward points system for my 2 kids (8yo and 4yo) where they can trade their points for prizes.

"It’s been a few days now and the 8yo is reading of her own accord and the 4yo is actually doing more to be helpful around the house, if they do well then I’ll definitely be carrying it on past the holidays!

“The bottles have sand in and for every 20 points they earn they add in a little shell or starfish.”

She added that the sand bottles let her know how many points are earned in total over the summer. 

The mum continued: “When we reach 1,000 points (whether they’ve spent all the points or not) they earn a day trip out.

Many people were quick to praise her system, with one writing: “What a fantastic idea! Love this page and all its tricks and tips! Definitely sorting this out today!”

Another added: “Absolutely love this idea, thank you so much for sharing x.”