'Bored' security guard ruins $1.5million painting by drawing eyes on it

omg 10/02/2022

Well, this is going to take a few paychecks to cover... A 'bored' security guard in Russia has done a very small doodle on a very expensive piece of artwork worth $1.5 million (NZD).

According to The Art Newspaper Russiaa security guard was on their first day on the job, contracted from a private security firm to work at the Yeltsin Centre in western Russia.

Strolling an exhibition titled ‘The World as Non-Objectivity. The Birth of a New Art’, the man decided to draw two pairs of eyes onto artist Anna Leporskaya's 1930's painting 'Three Figures'.

Image Credit: The Art Newspaper Russia
The all-seeing eyes. Credit: The Art Newspaper Russia

It was only when two visitors to the exhibition noticed the extra details that the gallery realised what happened, launching a full investigation into the damage.

"The security guard drew the eyes with a Yeltsin Centre-branded pen," curator Anna Reshetkina said of the 60-year-old perpetrator. 

"His motives are still unknown but the administration believes it was some kind of a lapse in sanity."

Understandably, the unidentified man doesn't work for the security firm anymore.