Mum's 'unique' baby bump at 35 weeks leaves people speechless

omg 28/01/2022

We've all heard the saying "All bodies come in all different shapes and sizes". Well, that is the case when you have three little humans growing inside of you. 

Michella Meier-Morsi has been sharing her pregnancy journey with her 260,000 followers on Instagram. The reason Michella pregnancy is gaining attention from the world is due to her unusual baby bump.

In a video she shared the day before giving birth, Michella could be seen showing off her bump, which she held up with her hands. Tiktok users were left seriously shocked by her size and praised the mum for being a ‘super hero’. 

One person commented: "That's insane. Women are incredible. But oh my god the back pain."

Another wrote: “I’m speechless! You my dear are a SUPER HERO!"

While a third added: "I have no words... but RESPECT.”

Michella has also revealed that all three boys are doing well post-pregnancy and went onto explain how her body has been impacted by carrying triplets.

“It has already become significantly smaller - but it is heavy and incredibly painful. But here it is - my huge pregnancy belly 10 days after the birth.⁣