Mum shares clever Kmart trick to save you from heavy lifting

we love 25/01/2022

Kmart shopping is normally the highlight of any trip to the mall. However, not being able to find the price of an item can make your Kmart experience feel like a total mission.

One Kmart mum has taken to the KMART HACKS & DECOR Facebook group to share her Kmart life hack to solve this problem and so many more!

"Don't you hate it when an item is heavy (or you can’t be bothered lugging it around a store), or it's missing a price tag. I just take a photo of the barcode and take my phone over to the scanner to see if it would bring up the price under the price check and it works!” she wrote.

The tip was praised by other shoppers, with some remarking they had “never thought to do that” and it was “so clever”.

“Well I’ve learnt something new already for 2022,” one person said.

“Brilliant! Why haul stuff over if you don’t have to!” another commented.

Sounds like something we all need to try!