Young adults now preferring having plants over pets and children

omg 17/01/2022

Remember when you were growing up and the only thing you wanted in the whole wide world was a pet... well, apparently that's not the case anymore. According to a recent study, young Americans are most interested in purchasing a plant than a pet.

Researchers found millennials and members of the 'Gen Z' generation consider houseplants the “new puppies” — but without the mess and major responsibilities that come with a real pet.

CraftJack, surveyed 1,111 American houseplants owners to determine which species is the most popular, how much people spend on plants, and how much they humanize their green little buddies. 

The research showed, a typical houseplant keeper has at least four plants, the oldest of which is five years old. Participants also showed a trend of spending at least five minutes each week tending to their plants. 

So what was the most popular plant?

Succulents rank as the most popular houseplant in the United States. The study showed they're cute, there are many to choose from, they don’t take up much room, and they come at a reasonable price.